Walk by faith. Not by sight.

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Daniel Strunk

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Not x Sight?

Not x Sight (Not By Sight) is a story of walking by faith and overcoming impossible odds.

Daniel Strunk is an avid bowhunter and outdoorsman from Northeast Ohio. He has hunted over a dozen species of wild game in over 20 years of hunting experience. In 2013, while bowhunting wild turkey with his dad, both of them were hit with a shot from a trespasser's 12 gauge shotgun. Although permanent physical injuries were the result of the hunt, it also resulted in Daniel walking away that day with a story to tell. A story of divine intervention and inspiration, that motivated him to express his faith in God and share his "Not x Sight Moment” with the world.

Fear or tragedy can strike when you least expect it. 
When it does, what will you turn to? 

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